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Back to school hair tips

The school year is starting again, and with it comes the battle of styling kids hair!
Well, you’re in luck… this weeks tips are all about quick effective ways to do children’s hair.
But first let’s deal with those knots.

You’ll need: Wide tooth comb, Sectioning clips, Brush, Pop clips, Hair ties

Take your brush and start at the ends of the hair, brush the ends smooth then move to the mid lengths and so on towards the roots. Make sure the hair is dry first, as using a brush on wet hair can cause it to stretch and break. If the hair is wet, use a wide tooth comb rather than a brush, again starting at the ends and working up toward the scalp.
Dealing with serious knots?
Try spraying a little leave in conditioner on, it will smooth the hair and help your comb guide the knots in the right direction. Goldwell’s Rich Repair Leave in Treatment replaces the lost moisture and protein and protects your princess’ hair all in one move.

For the girls:

Great! Now we are knot free…Let’s start with a few basic ideas for the girls.
Pony tails and pig tails are a favorite for long hair. Try to keep tied up hair as loose as possible, if the hair is tied too tightly it tends to pull and be pretty uncomfortable for the little one wearing it.

Pop clips are great for clipping hair out of the face, especially in little ones who are still growing their hair into a shape or have a fringe growing out.

Your leave in conditioner also doubles as a great styling product for the girls, especially little girls with curls!

For the boys:

For the boys, a little product goes a long way.
There are so many great haircuts for boys that can be styled a variety of ways with just a little styling product.

Try water soluble products such as Goldwell’s Power Gel, is great to create a spikey look that won’t move all day. Or for a textured, softer look try Goldwell’s Texture Cream Paste. Use either of these products in wet or dry hair.

Experiment by pushing up just the front or all of the hair… Mess it up or flatten down, just have fun with it 🙂

Kids collage


Now you’re all set to grab those books & pack those bags ready for your first week.

Julie x

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