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Frizz fighters to the rescue!

Goldwell have launched a new treatment for curly and frizzy hair, introducing Kerasilk Keratin Treatment (KKT). KKT is chemical free and extremely gentle and lasts up to 5 months in the hair.

Let us introduce Ariel, psychiatric nurse and busy mum of three from Melbourne:

Ariel before

Ariel has very curly and extremely frizzy shoulder length hair. Yes believe it or not, when Ariel’s hair is blow dried smooth it reaches her shoulders!

It is deceptive hair, not only in length but also in texture as while she has a lot of hair it is actually quite fine. Plus the mid lengths and ends of Ariel’s hair have been lightened in the past making them very porous (dry).

Having three children under the age of six means that Ariel has very little time to spend on her hair. She usually ties her hair up in a bun as she hits the ground running each day.

Ariel loves her curl but is annoyed by the frizz, making her the perfect candidate for the Kerasilk Keratin Treatment.

Enter Julie Anderson!

The first great thing about Kerasilk is that we can tailor the mixture to suit both the hair type and the desired result. In Ariel’s case, she loves her curl but struggles with the frizz so we used the medium curl relaxation and intense frizz control.

We start by washing the hair with a special purifying shampoo, then we dry the excess moisture and apply the Kerasilk treatment. After a short processing time the treatment is then blow dried and ironed to create the new bonds in hair.

The total time for Ariel’s treatment was three hours and the results were brilliant!


Ariel’s hair now takes about a 3rd of the time to dry and is softer and silkier than she has ever experienced.

“It is so much easier to manage and I can wear it out without feeling like I have a mass of wild hair on the top of my head. I feel like it gets better everyday!” – Ariel, Melbourne.
Ariel after

Ariel’s curls are more defined, easier to manage and her hair even appears longer. Amazing results!

Why is Kerasilk better than the rest?

Some of the other treatments on the market have a very toxic burn off when you do the ironing part of the service which prevented me, as a stylist from being able to preform the actual service on clients. Goldwell always have the condition of the hair at the forefront of their beautiful products and KKT has no toxic smell or burn off because it is chemical free!

We are so excited with the results that we’re seeing and our clients are loving their new silky easier to manage hair!

Julie x

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