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Hot, hot styling tools!

With so many hot styling tools available these days, how does one know which to use to create the results you’re after. Today I’m going to break down 3 of the hot styling tools that we use to create awesome hair in our salon.

The brand we use is H2D because of the advanced technology that cares for the integrity of the hair structure while producing beautiful results.

The H2D hair dryer

We love the H2D iR hair dryer! It’s perfect for creating shiny, beautiful bouncy or sleek hair, thanks to the infrared heaters that seal cuticles, infuse moisture, eliminate frizz and provide that silky ‘just conditioned’ feel in any hair type.

The infrared also speeds up the drying time by allowing heat to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, an added bonus for us and our clients!

h2d hair dryer

Cool stylist tip: Once your hair is dry, finishing it with a cool shot sets the shape in place for you, sealing the cuticle and ensuring the hair is 100% dry (you’ll know if it isn’t quite dry after a cool shot).

Check out brand ambassador Samuel Overton demonstrating this hair dryer with a difference:

The curling wand (with conical)


This is possibly one of the best things ever invented! The H2D curling wand not only doubles as a curling wand and conical, it gives 6 different interchangeable curling options to play with.

Five of these options are on display here; we have curling barrels in three sizes, conical barrels in two sizes and a double curling wand barrel. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Here I’ve included some images of the different types of curl that can be achieved using the different attachments.

This look is achieved using a large curling wand barrel:
Curls 1

This look is from a smaller wand (the smaller the barrel the tighter the curl):
curls 2

The conical wand attachment is one of my favorites! It has a tapered end and is great for creating a natural looking curl.

H2D have two different sized conical wand attachments; 9mm – 13mm and 18mm – 25mm. They look like this:

conical 6

There are many different results you can achieve by using the conical. I’ve included two of the hottest here for you:

This first image is a good example of the type of curl that is achieved by using a conical only:
curls 3

This look has been curled with the conical, then left to cool down and brushed out:
curls 4

From ringlets to gorgeous Jessica Rabbit waves, you can see why the conical is such a hit!

The irons

The styling irons follow the H2D quality recipe by using the infrared technology. They also have an adjustable temperature control with a maximum temperature setting of 230 degrees.

The flexible floating plates are coated with ceramic and infused with tourmaline to give smoother silkier, static free hair, four times more effective than normal ceramic plates.

All of these factors combined create an iron that cares for your hair by sealing the cuticle, repelling humidity and preventing the need to keep going over the same sections of hair.


We love our irons and have noticed a big difference in the condition of the hair, even for those that use their irons daily!

It is important to use good quality hair styling tools, not only to save time and electricity, but to look after the condition and quality of your hair. Thank you H2D!

Always protect your hair with a heat protecting spray or cream prior to using any hot styling tool to ensure longevity of the condition of your precious hair!

Happy styling.

Julie x

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