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Rebecca’s Kerasilk KT Experience

Goldwell have launched a new treatment for curly and frizzy hair, introducing Kerasilk Keratin Treatment (or KKT). KKT is chemical free and extremely gentle on the hair and lasts for up to 5 months.

Let us introduce Rebecca from Melbourne:


Rebecca has curly, frizzy and fine, bob length hair. Bec loves her hair to be a clean, fresh blonde which contributes to the frizz factor by depleting her hair of it’s natural tone and moisture.

Bec also loves her curls, she enjoys playing with them, twisting and pinning her hair in various styles but she also does this because she finds her hair very bulky. That is, there is always a level of unwanted volume and bulk caused by Bec’s natural hair texture and curl, even following a good cut.

Kerasilk Keratin Treatment is perfect for Bec’s hair type to smooth her frizz and reduce the feeling of bulk at the same time.

Enter Roisin Dillon!

With Rebecca wanting to reduce both frizz and bulk, I used an combination of the Kerasilk intense shape and intense smooth for her treatment.

The treatment is blow dried and then ironed to form the new keratin bonds within the hair shaft. In Rebecca’s hair this took approximately 2 hours and the result was great!

Rebecca could see the difference instantly, the reduction of volume and her hair felt soft and silky. The curl had softened to be a more defined and less bulky finish. The condition of Rebecca’s hair is great, because there are no chemicals involved. The new Keratin bonds have added strength to her highly coloured hair.


Rebecca was amazed at how good her hair looked and felt, and now that her hair dries much quicker that means less time spent using damaging hot tools, a win for both Bec and her hair!

“It is so much smoother, i don’t have to pin it up or wait three days after I shampoo for it to settle down. I’m so pleased that i still have my curls without the fuzz!” – Rebecca, Melbourne.

Bec After Curly


Why is Kerasilk better than the rest?

Goldwell always have the condition of the hair at the forefront of their beautiful products and KKT has no toxic smell or burn off because it is chemical free!

I can not recommend this treatment enough it really is amazing!

Roisin x

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