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Retail Product Guarantee

We use and recommend only the highest quality hair products and we are certain that you will see great results when you follow our product recommendations and advice on the best use and home care.

If you find you have purchased a product from us that doesn’t agree with your hair or routine for whatever reason we have an exchange policy for your risk-free convenience. Simply return the item within 2 weeks and we’ll exchange it for another product for you!

Goldwell dualsenses

Hair Service Adjustments

Working in the forever-evolving fashion industry, we love to see what’s coming our way from the catwalk and be at the front of emerging hair trends. Ongoing technique training helps us stay ahead of the game as we are continuously updating our skills by attending industry events, technique workshops and training sessions with the heavyweights of hairdressing.

We are a team of highly skilled, experienced professionals that take great pride in providing the best quality hairdressing services and service experience to our clients.

The difference between us and other salons is that we take the time to get to know you, to make sure we are delivering the hairstyle that you’re looking for. If we didn’t quite nail it we would love to know. We invite you to contact us as soon as you notice that there is something not quite right and that you would like to have it adjusted.

All reasonable adjustments made within 2 weeks of the original service are free of charge.

We care, we will record all of this information for future reference.

Your hair grows on average 1cm per month, therefore it is expected that after 4 – 6 weeks your style will require reshaping.


Hair colour, chemical and keratin treatments

The longevity of hair colour, chemical and keratin treatments is highly effected by your home care routine. Here are three important factors to consider when it comes to post service care of your hair:

  1. The more you shampoo your hair the more colour fading and decreasing of chemical and keratin treatment results you will experience.
  2. The quality of your shampoo and conditioner will also have a big impact on the longevity of your colour or treatment.
  3. Maintaining the condition of your hair will give you the best possible results and longevity from your colour or treatment.

Only the highest quality professional hair products are used to provide these services to ensure quality results and protect the health and condition of your hair as much as possible. Following your hairdresser’s home care recommendations and advice will ensure that you get the maximum result and longevity from your service.

KMS Real People, Real Style

We understand the privileged position that we take in providing such a personal and valued service. Please understand that it can take time to get to know you, your hair, your lifestyle and hair routine, all of which play an important role in producing the ultimate in hair styles for you.

Our guarantee terms & conditions:

  1. Product exchanges can be made on any of our shampoo, conditioners, treatments or styling products only. Electrical items, brushes, combs, hair pieces and accessories are not included in this exchange policy.
  2. Product exchanges must occur within 2 weeks of the original purchase date.
  3. The returned product must be almost full. Empty or near empty bottles of product will not be accepted for exchange.
  4. Hair service adjustments must be made within 2 weeks of the original service.
  5. Hair service adjustments required due to change of heart (that is a treatment, style or colour change due to a mistake in requesting the original service) are not included in our free of charge adjustment policy.
  6. Longevity issues or complaints are invalid where our professional product home care recommendations have not been followed.
  7. Please be aware that arriving late for your appointment may result in a shortened appointment duration.