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Are you in need of a… Style Fix?

Going out tonight ladies?  Do you have a special occasion or event?  Are you looking for a different hairstyle for your night ahead?

Do you need a… Style Fix?

Our Style Fix service is designed for all you busy girls out there that need a hair style ‘pick-me-up’ before painting the town red!

In as little as 15 minutes Style Fix can transform your daytime sensible/work hair into night time sexy, glam fun, attention grabbing hair. This ‘glam and go’ method of hair styling is the perfect time and cost saving way of putting your best hair forward on every occasion.

 Here I’ve included some of my favorite style fixes for you,

all great for turning day time serious into night time fun!

Style Fix 1

This style fix is gorgeous, soft and feminine and great for smart casual occasions right through to formal events.

The braid paired with the casual knot keeps this style on the fun side of formal.

A style that incorporates a bun is always a great option,  and can be styled as sleek and formal or soft and casual  to suit your night ahead.

Buns are versatile too, you can always change them to suit what you’re wearing, how your hair falls, we can add part-lines, cross over sections, wear them high, low or to the side. Adding a simple accessory can also move your bun up a notch on the sophistication scale.

As we all know a braid is the hair accessory of the moment and is a great way to introduce a little fun into your bun, knot or other style.

Style Fix 2

Style Fix 3

Messy styles are very on trend this year!

This type of style here would suit any type of hair, and even if a little bit of hair comes free while you’re out dancing it doesn’t matter it just adds to the texture and movement of the style.

Style Fix 4
Style Fix 5
I really like this ponytail with curls pulled to the side, it’s simple and sexy and can easily be dressed up with a fascinator or any number of other accessories for the perfect wedding or a formal hair style fix!

I love this look!

I just wish my hair was long enough to achieve this. I love the braid and the curls together, this style would look great anytime, whether it’s going out after work, on a Saturday night or on that first date!

If your hair is shorter or fine like mine, clip-in hair pieces are a great accessory to use to create an instant style fix with long luscious locks!

Style Fix 6

There are so many different glam and go styles fixes that are achievable in as little as 15 minutes! If you have any styles in mind that you would like to try or if you have any questions about style fix contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Enjoy your style fix.

Roisin x

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