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Winter 2014 hair trends

The temperature is cooling now and as we come into winter we find ourselves indoors a lot more, but this doesn’t mean we have to neglect our lovely locks. I love this time of year, brisk fresh air, cosy movie weekends, layers of clothing and great winter fashion. In this blog post I have selected a few new hair colours and styles that I predict will be on trend this winter…

winter trend 1


This is a new trend that moves on from the ombré or balayage look, it’s called splashlight. As you can see the lighter colour is around her eyes and cheekbones only and really brightens her complexion.

The splashlights technique can be used in any hair colour, and can be as subtle or vibrant as you like. Here are a couple of variations of this gorgeous look:

winter trend 2

For the daring girls out there here is a vibrant version of the splashlights technique:

winter trend extreme

The colour in this particular image is extreme in the choice of tone, vibrancy, and also the density of the splashlights technique used.

Where our girls on the right here have a much more subtle result.

winter trend 3

Subtle, shiny colour

Soft, subtle and shiny hair colour is also very in. Looking after the health and condition of hair has become a strong focus and results in beautiful rich, shiny tones. Here a few of my favorites this winter:

winter trend soft 1
winter trend soft 3

Pastels and panels!

winter trend pastel 1

winter trend pastel splashlights
winter trend pastel 2

The dusky pastels still have their place in our winter trends, bought to the forefront by various celebrities, these colours are making a soft statement on main streets across Melbourne.

And for those of us that dare to be a little different or fancy just a “peek-a-boo” panel of colour, this is also a great option this winter. A cheeky something that makes an appearance as your hair moves or in certain lighting creates a little mystery.

winter trend extreme 2

Long bobs

The ‘LOB’ or long bob is another hit this winter! The best thing about the LOB is it suits so many different hair textures. Curly, wavey, straight or kinky, with or without a fringe the LOB is a versatile style that you can play around with. Check out these cute styles…

Lob 1
Lob 3
Nicole Richie

Fades and facial hair!

For our guys… the latest styles are celebrating length on top, with clean sides – either clippered or scissor cut, as long as they’re clean. This gives a sharp, serious finish with still a creative element happening because of the length.

winter man 1
winter man 3
winter man 4

These types of men’s cuts give versatility in styling. Play with different styling products to create looks that match your mood.

Accentuated parts are also very in. The part-line can actually be clippered in to achieve a more defined look, this is very popular as we head into winter.

And we’re seeing our guys warm up with some distinct facial hair this season, watch out ladies, beards are back!

winter man 5

If you’re ready to take on one of these winning winter trends, book an appointment with us here at Mars & Venus Hair. Creativity is our specialty and we’d love to look after you.

Keep warm!

Julie x

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